Crappy Father

Lots of guys did not have fathers growing up or had unhealthy incompetent fathers. I'm one of them.  Here's the deal about this. One option is to spend our entire life

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anger issues

Anger Issues

I wish someone would have asked me that question and held space for me to get to the answer(s) in my 20s.  There are so many men walking around looking just

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My Little Princess

If you’re like me, you love your daughter more than air and, would do anything to make sure she's provided for and protected. Many of us fathers call our daughters “princess.” Some

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poor and fatherless

Poor and Fatherless

What’s it like growing up poor and fatherless? Pretty crappy. Imagine you’re at farm league baseball practice all alone and see the other boys' parents on the sidelines yelling, “We love you,

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Are You A Feeler?

If you were raised by a woman, had mostly women teachers, and find yourself often in your feelings with not much real life progress, chances are, you’re a “feeler.” I was

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